Sector Overview

Esports, short for “electronic sports”, transforms traditional online gaming into a global competitive spectator event. This leads to an experience akin to watching a traditional sporting event.

  • Esports differ from traditional sports in its ability to transcend physical and spatial limitations.
  • This leads to a new model that is faster paced, scalable and inclusive.
  • New paradigms enable explosive participant scalability and create a new audience from those who feel less engaged with traditional sports.
  • Technology platforms play a significant role in underpinning this growth.

In 2018 there were nearly 400m esports viewers. More than 170m of these are categorized as esports enthusiasts, who regularly view or participate in esports. In context, these numbers dwarf viewers of MLB and the NHL and by 2022 audience figures will exceed 250m: comparable with the NFL. This engagement creates opportunities for revenue streams in media rights, sponsorship, advertising, ticket sales and merchandise.