Investment Advisory Services

The eyes of the investment world are on esports right now. From private to public the need to understand the sector and its opportunities are key to a successful investment strategy.

Our aim is to support the investment ecosystem providing high growth esports organisations with access strategic capital that will accelerate their business.

Our services include:

Educate – we educate investors and organisations on the esports ecosystem, the investment opportunities and trends as and when they happen.

SourceĀ – we have a global strategic network that sources and appraises best in breed deal flow. We have reviewed over $400m of investment opportunities. We provide advisory services to Individuals, family offices and financial institutions.

ManageĀ – our team provide strategic services to our client portfolio including, network introductions, leadership, business development, growth, valuation and restructuring.



The transformation of esports from niche subculture to global phenomenon has also transformed its marketing potential for mainstream brands who need to target the vast but elusive young adult audience that esports delivers.

Some mainstream brands are already using esports successfully, but most are yet to systematically explore the opportunity, despite its enormous potential, because they lack the necessary expertise.

We exist to fill that gap, uniquely equipped by our deep understanding of esports and years of experience of advising major brands on esports and sports marketing.

Our services include:

Immersion- de-mystifying and immersing clients in esports to help them understand its landscape, stakeholders, audience and dynamics.

Strategy – helping clients develop an esports strategy aligned to their brand and business objectives.

Commercial – supporting commercial deal-making between brands and rights holders to help optimise both the deal and the outcomes.